09-2014(September 2014)

The 9th element of Elements of life:
12 bridges back to you.

“Your clarity, your joy, your genius will not come solely through the contemplation of what has been. It will come from the infinite possibilities that have yet to be.”

I love it when people say, “Follow your passion!” It sounds so exciting and simple, a no-brainer,  like a self perpetuating cure all for life’s ailments. Who wouldn’t want to follow their passion?  Well perhaps following one’s passion is really simple…once you figure out what the heck it is.  I don’t mean little passions like eating sushi or watching a particular TV show. I mean ‘deep driving desires that rise up from your soul’ kind of passion. For most of us the  difficulty isn’t the lack of willingness. It’s the lack of knowingness. What is my passion??

Perhaps we’re all born with an innate knowing of what our deep driving desire, our passion is then little by little lose track of it in the misshapen world our everyday lives have created. Then standing there in this odd, albeit functional little world, we catch a glimpse of ourselves in the mirror and realize we too are misshapen and wonder with all sincerity, “Who is that person?”

Life is a funny thing. We don’t have control of much so we play by the rules. We rise to the expectations of society, family, friends, and co-workers. We continue fulfilling silent agreements we made with them and with ourselves, agreements to put our little children before ourselves, to keep the family peace by saying nothing, agreements to be the sole provider, the overachiever, the underachiever. And we keep those agreements in place long after they’ve stopped filling the very need for which they were created. And with all those contracts in place, we continue intentionally building our world brick by brick, layer by layer, higher and wider and deeper, burying the passions we knew so instinctively as a child, deep beneath the very world we created. And ironically, rather than climbing to the top of all we’ve built, spreading our wings, taking off and soaring, we’re stuck on the ground trying to keep that little world together: plug a hole here, push a wall up there, anchor the windward side to the ground. We’re trapped like the Dutch boy with his finger in the the dike. We’ve all been there. It seems impossible to change. But this is the miracle of INSPIRATION.

When we are inspired, we are in the moment. When we are in the moment, we are able to see with new eyes, to hear things we’ve never before heard. Finding our passion isn’t so much about seeking. It’s about allowing. Our passion is in there. It’s in there and it’s looking for a way to get out.

If you are wanting to know your passion, seek inspiration. In seeking inspiration you will find the moment. In that moment your passion can reveal itself.

Your greatest power is in this moment.  Enjoy this audio seminar on INSPIRATION.





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